Top 10 Vegan Burger Recipes For Summer

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Summer is the best time to enjoy some delicious vegan burgers, and we have the top 10 vegan burger recipes that will impress everyone at your BBQ. These burgers are packed with flavor and nutrition, and range from classic plain patties to innovative Korean bbq burgers. So, elevate your barbecue game with these mouthwatering vegan burgers that will become a staple at all your summer gatherings.

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A vegan turkey burger with vegan cheese, lettuce, and onions on a white plate.

Homemade Vegan Turkey-Style Burgers

A vegan burger that is filled with sautéed veggies and a touch of vegan mayo. Textured vegetable protein is used here to help make these burgers meaty and like turkey burgers!

Two vegan hamburgers sitting on top of a wooden cutting board.

Vegan Burger (Best Grillable Seitan Burger Ever!)

A close up of a vegan hamburger on a plate.

Vegan Burger Recipe

This classic vegan burger recipe, made with soy mince and vital wheat gluten makes a super high protein patty! Packed with flavour and spices to make sure these guys are the meatiest vegan burgers you’ll come across!

A vegan chicken burger on a white plate with pickles.

Vegan Chicken Patties

Homemade breaded and baked vegan chicken patties to be used for chicken sandwiches or as a breaded vegan chicken breast.

A close up of a vegan double cheeseburger on a wooden cutting board.

Vegan McDonalds Burger (Vegan Double Cheeseburgers)

Craving a vegan version of a McDonald’s double cheeseburger? This 9-mins Vegan McDonalds Burger recipe is quick & uses only 7 ingredients! Why spend more money on fast food, when it’s cheaper to make these plant-based versions at home this summer.

A vegan green chili portobello cheeseburger on a white plate.

Vegan Green Chile Portobello Cheeseburgers

Two vegan hamburgers sit on a cutting board next to a bowl of chips. There is a spoon in front of the burgers.

The Vegan Bang Bang Burger

The Vegan Bang Bang Burger is absolute best way to  do burger night this summer! A juicy plant-based burger, with a pocket of seasoned melty dairy-free cheese, and a creamy, spicy & sweet bang bang sauce.

Two vegan hamburgers sit on a plate with lettuce and sesame seeds.

Vegan Bean And Oats Burger

A scrumptious, grill-worthy and nourishing vegan Bean and Oats Burger that is packed with all the goodness you can imagine from oats, two kinds of beans, and carrots. There are no added oils in this veggie burger patty and it’s hefty and sturdy enough for your summer grill. 

Vegan greek sliders on a trey with French fries.

Vegan Greek Sliders

These Vegan Greek Sliders are made with impossible meat and are topped with a spicy aioli, pickled onions & arugula. You’ll love these popular summertime vegan burger sliders!

Vegan Korean bbq pulled pork burgers on a wooden cutting board.

Vegan Korean BBQ Burgers

These vegan Korean BBQ burgers are loaded with flavor. Made with tempeh for protein packed goodness, glazed with a Korean barbecue sauce, and topped with a kimchi slaw they are veggie burger perfection!

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