Top 8 Vegan Canned Soups For The Fall Season

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In the fall, soup is the ultimate comfort food to keep you warm and cozy. From vegan miso to Italian wedding soup, here are the top 8 store-bought vegan canned soups to enjoy during the colder months.

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A photo of a can of Gardein - Soup Beef & Veggie Plant-based.


Gardein’s plant-based soups are a must-have for vegans, with options like Chick’n Noodl’, Minestrone & Saus’ge, and Be’f & Vegetable. They also offer cruelty-free canned chilis for cooking. Make sure to stock up on these vegan classics!

A photo of a bunch of cans of Amy's Kitchen organic split pea soup.

Amy’s Kitchen

Amy’s Kitchen, a vegan-friendly brand, provides a variety of delicious canned soups such as Thai Curry Sweet Potato Lentil and No Chicken Noodle. Their California-inspired soups, including Chunky Tomato Bisque, are popular choices. In addition to soups, Amy’s also offers a range of convenient frozen entrees and burritos.

A photo of a can of Pacific Foods vegan Thai sweet potato soup.

Pacific Foods

Pacific Foods has a wide range of tasty vegan soups, from smooth to chunky varieties, all made with plant-based ingredients. Whether you prefer a creamy tomato soup or a hearty broth with pea protein, there’s a soup for every palate.

A photo of four containers of different Imagine Foods vegan soups flavors.

Imagine Foods

Imagine Foods is known for its diverse range of vegan soups, from creamy options like Super Greens to chunky choices like Moroccan Chickpea & Carrot, catering to all tastes.

A photo of a container of Edward & Sons®
Organic Traditional Miso-Cup® with Tofu.

Edward & Sons Trading Company

If you’re craving miso soup, Edward & Sons Trading Company has you covered with their animal-free, shelf-stable miso cups. They offer Organic Traditional Miso-Cup with Tofu and Original Golden Vegetable Miso-Cup for a quick and comforting meal.

A photo of two containers of Dr. McDougall's Vegan Ramen Chicken Soup.

Dr. McDougall’s Right Foods

Dr. McDougall’s Right Foods has a variety of healthy vegan soup options, including split pea, tortilla, and spring onion flavors in microwavable cups. They also offer organic soups like minestrone and French lentil in convenient ready-to-serve packs. The brand also has ramen and noodle cups for a quick and delicious meal.

A photo of a can of Upton's Naturals Chick Tortilla Soup.

Upton’s Naturals

Upton’s Naturals, a vegan company, provides three tasty canned soup options – Chick Tortilla, Italian Wedding Soup, and Chick & Noodle. The Italian Wedding soup, made with seitan and veggies, is a standout choice. These soups are not only delicious but also easy to heat up and enjoy.

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