Top 10 Vegan Irish Recipes For St. Patrick’s Day

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Get creative this St. Patrick’s Day and enjoy a vegan menu that’s delicious and healthy to boot. We’ve put together a top 10 list of traditional vegan Irish recipes, that feature everything from main courses to desserts. Enjoy! 

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Vegetable stew in a pot with a wooden spoon.

Vegan Irish Stew

This Vegan Irish Stew is the great way to celebrate St. Patrick’s day, or really any day that you want a warm rich stew. It’s made with hearty vegetables in a rich, earthy, thick stout beer broth.

Vegan shepherd's pie in a casserole dish.

Vegan Lentil Shepherd’s Pie

This is the best vegan shepherd’s pie you’ll try! A hearty, flavor-packed lentil and sticky onion filling meets fluffy mashed potatoes and cauliflower in this protein-rich plant-based dinner. The perfect healthy main course for your St. Patrick’s Day dinner!

Two slices of vegan Irish soda bread on a plate with some raisins.

Vegan Irish Soda Bread Recipe

Embrace a St. Patrick’s Day tradition with a vegan twist on the classic Irish Soda Bread. This simple and straightforward recipe transforms the beloved bread into a plant-based delight, ensuring no one misses out on this festive St. Patrick’s Day favorite.

Mashed potatoes with herbs in a bowl on a wooden table.

Vegan Colcannon, Creamy And Comforting

This easy vegan colcannon recipe uses 7-ingredients to make a dairy-free take on a classic Irish dish. What’s Colcannon? It’s an Irish potato recipe with cabbage or kale that’s warm, hearty and delicious.

Vegan Irish pancakes with sour cream and green onions on a plate.

Vegan Boxty: Irish Potato Pancakes

Vegan Boxty brings a delightful twist to traditional Irish potato pancakes, making them a must-try for St. Patrick’s Day. Perfect for breakfast or as a side dish, these vegan Boxty pancakes are not only easy to make but also incredibly versatile.

Three vegan Irish hand pies on a plate with a knife in the background.

Vegan Irish Hand Pies

For a portable and delightful treat, these Vegan Irish Hand Pies are a must for your St. Patrick’s Day feast. Seasoned with thyme and rosemary, they pack a flavor punch that brings the essence of Ireland right to your fingertips.

Vegan sliced meat and vegetables on a white plate.

Vegan Corned Beef Recipe

This easy vegan corned beef recipe can turn tofu, tempeh, seitan or any meat substitute into a delicious corned beef dish. It’s perfect for a special St. Patrick Day dinner or just a delicious sandwich! 

Vegan Guiness chocolate cake with Irish cream frosting.

Vegan Guinness Chocolate Cake With Irish Cream Frosting

A seriously indulgent vegan cake – Strong chocolate and stout flavor, with sweet Irish cream frosting. Great for birthdays or St Patrick’s day celebrations.

Vegan potato and leek soup with croutons and parsley.

Vegan Leek And Potato Soup

Cozy and comforting, this creamy Vegan Leek and Potato Soup combines just a handful of ingredients. It’s a simple, quick, homemade vegan soup the whole family will love served alongside your St. Patrick’s Day main course.

Vegan St. Patrick's Day milkshake.

Healthy Vegan Shamrock Shake Recipe

This Vegan Shamrock Shake is an easy, healthier version of the popular Shamrock shake recipe to celebrate St. Patrick’s day with no dairy, no refined sugar.

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