Top 10 Vegan Mexican Appetizers For Cinco De Mayo

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This post highlights the top 10 vegan Mexican appetizers that showcase the diverse and rich flavors of Mexican cuisine. From crispy flautas to refreshing ceviche, these dishes are entirely plant-based and perfect for any Cinco De Mayo party!

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Creamy vegan taco dip in a casserole dish.

Creamy Vegan Taco Dip

This creamy vegan taco dip is one of the best Cinco De Mayo party appetizers.

Vegan ceviche in a white bowl with a red and white checkered napkin.

Vegan Ceviche With Vine Ripe Tomatoes

Vegan Flautas with coleslaw on a white plate.

Vegan Pulled Pork Air Fryer Flautas

These pulled pork flautas are perfect for sharing and are so good you won’t believe they are vegan! 

A close up of vegan Mexican nachos on a baking sheet.

Loaded Vegan Nachos

These loaded vegan nachos are a favorite for Cinco De Mayo snacking, serving a crowd, or an indulgent dinner idea. They’re layered with crispy tortilla chips, plant-based taco meat, beans, salsa, jalapeños, creamy vegan nacho cheese and more.

A plate of vegan tacos al pastor.

Vegan Tacos Al Pastor

One bite of these flavorful vegan tacos al pastor will make you think you are sitting in a Taqueria somewhere in Mexico. Muy delicioso!

Grilled corn on the cob on a plate.

Vegan Elote Aka Mexican Street Corn

Vegan elote, or Mexican street corn, are grilled to perfection, topped with a flavorful chili mayo and cashew parmesan.

A close up of a person holding a vegan Gordita crunch in their hand.

Vegan Gordita Crunch

Vegan Mexican style empanadas on a white plate with a bowl of salsa on the side.

Easy Black Bean Vegan Empanadas

These vegan empanadas are filled with zesty black beans and wrapped in flaky puff pastry. They’re packed with flavor and surprisingly easy to make!

Three vegan tamales on a white plate with a Mexican flag.

Instant Pot Authentic Vegan Tamales

Vegan taquitos s on a white plate.

Vegan Taquitos

These amazing vegan taquitos make for such a delicious and stunning vegan Mexican appetizer everyone will love! They feature a black bean and vegetable filling, a cheesy cashew cream sauce and soft yet crispy tortillas, plus, they are baked in the oven (not fried) for a healthier recipe.

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